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It’s difficult to hit the right notes when you’re anxious about your performance on the stage. This is why you need to learn how to overcome stage fright. A singer is at his or her best when they are relaxed, having fun and are full of self-confidence. Believe it or not, even the best singers experience bouts of anxiety from time to time. It’s perfectly normal!

10 Techniques to Overcome Stage Fright

With the right preparation, mindset and thinking, anyone can overcome stage fright. Here are some techniques you can use to lessen your anxiety, which will allow you to reach your full potential as a singer:

1. Be Conscious About Your Posture

Assume a good posture whenever you start singing. Your back and shoulders should be straight, and your head held up comfortably high. Doing this will lend you an air of confidence, which in turn actually gives you more confidence and less anxiety.

2. Mind Your Breathing

Whenever you start to get stage fright, focus on your breathing. Imagine your diaphragm is moving along in the same rhythm as you hit the highs and the lows. Soon, you’ll forget that you were ever nervous and continue singing with confidence.

3. Choose Your Song Carefully

Singing a song that resonates with you will give you more confidence. Choose the ones that you can connect with when it comes to the lyrics and the tune. Immerse yourself in the moment with only you and the song and you’ll feel the anxiety soon melting away!

4. There’s No Shortcut To Proper Singing

If you want to be less anxious as you sing, the best way is to learn how to sing properly. Think about it- you’ll learn the proper techniques and find your own rhythm instead of just going with the flow of singing each time you take to the stage. Learning with the best will give you the tools and the confidence you’ll need to give a good performance in front of a crowd.

5. Visit The Karaoke

This is a good way to remind yourself that singing is not supposed to be 100% serious all the time. People who visit karaoke bars are there to generally have fun, so you won’t have to be anxious about people judging you while you sing on stage. The focus here is to belt out a killer performance to win your audience over!

6. Sing With Others

Singing in a group will ease off the individual pressure and will allow you to build up your confidence. You can work on developing your voice and bide your time before you do a solo performance. Find a singing group that practices regularly; individuals who give each other a lot of positive feedback and constructive criticism will be a great bonus at this point.

7. Imagine Singing To A Cheering Audience

Visualize an energetic, cheering audience. They’re singing along and enjoying the experience. This will ease up the pressure, and your anxiety soon disappears. You will start to feel more confident and believe that you can have the crowd stand up with your beautiful performance!

8. Practice Breathing Exercises Beforehand

Breathing relaxes the body and calms the mind. Do some deep breathing exercises just before you take to the stage. Inhale as much as you can, count to three, then slowly exhale the air with force. Continue doing this until you feel less anxious and more confident. When you’re ready, show the audience that you’re a great singer.

9. Practice Makes Perfect

There’s no shortcut to perfection, especially when it comes to singing. Practice regularly so you can build your confidence on and off the stage. Remember that anxiety sometimes presents itself if you’re not prepared, so eliminate that factor by putting in the hours just before you sing in front of a crowd.

10. A Friendly Face Helps

Look for a familiar face in the audience. Fixate your attention to that person and imagine that you’re just singing only to them. You’ll soon have the confidence to turn your attention to the other people and not be anxious when singing on a stage.


Being anxious is just an obstacle towards becoming what you’ve always wanted to be- a professional singer. These helpful tips will help build up confidence, lessen anxiety and show you that singing is a fun experience! Enjoying yourself is the first step towards unlocking your true singing potential. You won’t be as scared and the singing experience becomes much more pleasurable!