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Every voice is different and it’s important to embrace your own style through your singing. Adele is amazing but a million of her in the world would get tiresome pretty quick, right? It’s important to learn how to find your singing style and you can do this through your personality and how you want to be seen as an artist. You might not even know yet what your style is going to be but you can help discover it, with the following tips.

Find Your Vocal Style

You might have a favourite type of music but listen to a few different genres before you decide what you really have an emotional connection with. For most artists, what they love to listen to – is also the style they prefer to sing in.

In terms of listening to different styles of music, practice singing different styles too. You might find a hidden talent you didn’t even know you had. Maybe you saw yourself as a pop singer in the past, only to find out that you are amazing at opera! You’ll never find out until you try.

8 Tips to Find Your Singing Style

  1. A unique style is what makes you, YOU! Don’t be afraid to sound different from others in the industry, in fact if you do, that’s a great thing.
  2. In addition to being a unique version of yourself, don’t copy other artists out there. Everyone looks up to people like Beyonce but that doesn’t mean you have to sound like them. Leave karaoke for when you are having fun with friends, singing with that style permanently is not going to help your future in music.
  3. Make sure your phrasing is right but play around with it. The right phrasing on the right song can sound amazing, analyse the song you are singing before thinking about the phrasing and how you can make it your own.
  4. Add your own unique touches from time to time to songs, even when you are just singing covers. Improvising is good, it helps you discover who you are and also lets you stand out from the crowd.
  5. Let an audience hear you and take their feedback well. Whether they are verbally telling you what they like/dislike about your music or you are just reading off their body language, these are the people that you need to impress.
  6. Everybody sounds different in their own head to how they actually sound. For this reason, you should record yourself singing live and listen to it later. You will be able to pay closer attention to your voice and it will help you see what you are doing well, in addition to what can be improved upon and if you are singing in the right style for you.
  7. Visualise yourself in front of a big audience and doing what you love on stage. What style are you singing in? What gives you the buzz? When you can truly visualise this, you will know 100% what style is right for you.
  8. Don’t always play it safe and sing songs the way you feel they are “meant” to sing. You are never going to make it if you sound like every other artist out there. Interpret your favourite tracks the way you want to and sing them accordingly. You might not get it right every single time but who does? When you DO get it right, you are sure to show off your unique style to your advantage.

Look through your music collection to see if you have any hidden gems lurking there. If you still haven’t chosen a music style, it’s probably there and you don’t even know it. Usually, that style of music that you keep buying over and over again, is the right one for you.


Some of the biggest artists in the world were as clueless as you in terms of finding their style, at some point during their life. By taking on the following tips and searching inside yourself, you are sure to find your own identity through music. In addition to raw talent, making a name for yourself is all about standing out so start your journey today and you are going to be where you want to be before you know it.