Backstage Iditarod
review by Theresa Daily  
There is a new book circulating around the dog mushing community that has fans praising June Price, the author. It could easily be called " A Tourist Guide to the Iditarod".

This books details events surrounding what makes the "Last Great Race" tick. It helps the arm chair musher fully understand the work that goes into making the Iditarod race a success. I often wondered when fans show up to watch the start of the Iditarod each year, how much exposure do they really get. Do they know about the mushers banquet, the restart, the summer picnic?

This book answers all your questions and opens your eyes to the "behind the scenes" in the mushing world. A great find.

This book fills in all the questions on what to do, where to go thoughout the year. June helps fans see exactly what it takes to run a race like this and the tremendous amount of volunteer help that is put into it. I give this book two thumbs up for a well written guide to the Iditarod.


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